Thursday, June 6, 2013

Print copies of Volume XI are now for sale; the price is $16.50, plus a .75 Paypal fee, 8% tax and $3 for US shipping costs and materials. Contact us by email to inquire about international shipping prices.

This is a long issue that includes stories, long essays, and chapbooks:

Strange Service Warning from the Night of Oct. 17, Joseph Michaels
Language Glass, Keala Francis
Maldita, Veronica Vela
Sontag, Osiris, Adam Klein
A Knotted Beach Chair, Charles Lowe
Markson's Pier, David Ewald and Stuart Ross
Truinas: April 21, 2001, Philippe Jaccottet,trans. by John Taylor
Artwork by Jeffre Dene

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We'd like to thank our Kickstarter contributors whose generous support made this issue possible:

Govind Acharya
Anna Livia Review
Margot Berwin
Leslie Brack
Ashley Cake
Amberly Campbell
Ryder Collins
John D’Agata
Heather Furnas
Heather Hallagan
Adrianne Kalfopoulou
Anne Michaels
Brian Mihok
Daniel Nester
Kathleen Peterson
Ports of New York
Wylie Schwartz
Werner Sun
Melissa Thompson
Holly M Wendt
Susan Winterton

Andrea Land
Shaianne Osterreich
Constance Pollock

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Co-Founding Editors David Nelson Pollock and Danielle Winterton with copies of the print issue at the 2013 Arcades Project in Ithaca, New York.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Coming Soon: online and in print, V.XI

The Winter/Spring 2013 issue of Essays & Fictions will be released shortly, and print copies can be ordered from this web site as soon as they arrive. Stay tuned and check back often.

Gillian, by Jeffre Dene. Handmade Paper, 5 ft x 4 ft, 1992.