Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fundraising for Volume XI

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When we founded Essays & Fictions in 2007, we believed it was essential that the work we publish be made available for free online. We also thought it important that the publication not include advertisements, which we felt would compromise our intended visual aesthetic, which we wanted to remain as spare and as removed from the material concerns of consumerist reality as possible.

Aside from the free online edition, Essays & Fictions publishes a small print edition of each volume, which we consider more akin to an art object than to a periodical designed for mass distribution. We have never made a profit from the journal. Until this point, our publication has been personally financed. Unfortunately, this model is no longer sustainable.

Most print literary magazines range from 10 to almost 20 dollars an issue. Regardless of the value of the work a literary magazine publishes, it will only be read by a small, privileged portion of the reading population. We believe in elitism in literature, inasmuch as we believe that the goal of any literary artist should be to create work that is close to perfection, but we are adamant that this must be elitism with access. As the American poet, Liam Rector once stated: "Elitism without access is snobbery." In order to continue to publish high quality literary work that can be viewed for free online, we require funding.

Essays & Fictions is worth financing. We publish authors from all over the United States and the world. Our interest is in liminal or breach work that straddles the lines of fiction and nonfiction in provocative, unexpected, and uncanny ways. We are also interested in essays and works of fiction that explore deep psychological and transcendental states. The magazine is one of the few American journals to regularly publish long form works of imaginative literature.

Among our authors, you will find established literary practitioners, writers whose work has been translated into English for the first time, and emerging voices whose work challenges formal conventions while remaining dedicated to classic notions of craft. Our readers and writers have found us because we have filled a lack in today's literary marketplace. That John Edwards' breach work "Revolutionary Wrath" from Volume VII was listed in the 2011 edition of Best American Essays tells us that our audience is continually expanding.

Should you decide to pledge, your donations will cover the costs of production, design, printing, publicity, website maintenance, and advertising costs for Volume XI. This funding will allow us to reach an even greater audience. Please watch the short eight-minute video above to learn a little more about the history of our magazine and to listen to some brief readings of work we have published.

We encourage you to read current and past issues of Essays & Fictions at

"Essays & Fictions is the work of cutting edge vitality. 'No corpses' indeed, as their editors announce in the journal’s bio, and no lags, worn phrases, or tired ideas here either. In this post-modern moment of convergences – literary and cultural hyper-realities and meta-texts, E&F expresses the boundaries, collapsed and reinvented, of the hybrid mind. The clashes and celebrations, the inclusions and connections of its essays and fictions make for radical takes on the uncategorized." – Adrianne Kalfopoulou

"The very title, Essays & Fictions, indicates the originality of this review. Some of the most essential prose written today, worldwide, lies "between the genres": prose which belongs sensu stricto neither to the novel, nor to the short story, nor to the prose poem, nor to the essay, nor to the memoir, yet which partakes of some or all of these in form and contents. There is also a nuance to be defined between what is commonly called the 'personal essay' and what Essays & Fictions is seeking and has published. That nuance is Literature with a capital "L." As a critic specialized in European writing, I have long reviewed such prose. As a translator of Greek and French literature, I have sometimes attempted to render it in English. My versions of unclassifiable prose texts by two important European poets, Veroniki Dalakoura and Philippe Jaccottet, found a home in Essays & Fictions. For this I am grateful as well as for the discoveries that the review enables me to make. Kudos to the editors for their openness and perspicacity!" -– John Taylor

(Adrianne Kalfopoulou has published two poetry collections from Red Hen Press. Her essays and poems have appeared in online and print journals including Hotel Amerika, World Literature Today, Web Del Sol, and Fogged Clarity. She is on the faculty of Hellenic American University, and teaches in the creative writing program at New York University.

John Taylor is the author of the three-volume Paths to Contemporary French Literature and Into the Heart of European Poetry—all four books published by Transaction. He has also written six books of stories, short prose, and poetry, the latest of which are The Apocalypse Tapestries (Xenos Books) and If Night is Falling (Bitter Oleander Press). Taylor has recently translated books by Philippe Jaccottet, Pierre-Albert Jourdan and Jacques Dupin. He lives in France.)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Volume X copies for sale

Photo by Ed Dittenhoefer / FreeAirPhoto

Copies of Volume X are now for sale; the price is $12.00, plus a .75 Paypal fee, 8% tax and $2 for US shipping. Contact us by email to inquire about international shipping prices.

This issue includes:

Contempt, by Danielle Winterton
Stolen Culture, Six Vignettes, by Adrianne Kalfopoulou
Expertise, by Leora Fridman
Playlist, by Michael Costello
Get Me To the World on Time, by Bob Proehl
The Deportation Begins at Midnight, by David Nelson Pollock
Tattles and Titbits: A Poetic, by Will Cordeiro
Three Seasons of Meat Pie Selling, by Emily Culliton
Love in Vain, by Atar Hadari
Art by Ivan de Monbrison

Please remember to include your shipping address as a note when you complete the Paypal transaction process.

There may be additional charges for international shipping.

If you would like to send a check, please make it out to "Essays & Fictions" and send it to: Essays & Fictions, 526 South Albany St, Apt 1N, Ithaca, NY 14850.

Please contact us at essaysandfictions at gmail dot com if you have any questions about the ordering process.

And please visit our homepage at