Wednesday, December 7, 2011

E&F Double Issue In Print

The E&F double issue has finally arrived from the printers and is ready to be shipped to your doorstep for holiday reading. This is a beautiful book with color photos on the front and back covers.

We are keeping the price low even though there is DOUBLE THE E&F in this issue: 16 amazing writers including Margot Berwin, Greg Sanders, Myronn Hardy, Brian Mihok, Amber Burke, Edward Black, William Luvaas, David Nelson Pollock, Lee Matthew Goldberg, Jaclyn Watterson, Veroniki Dalakoura, Charles Lowe, Mehi Loveski, Danielle Winterton, Bayard Godsave, and Joseph Michaels.

To order your copy, click the Paypal button below. $18.50 includes tax, shipping and Paypal fee. Contributors receive 15% off the cover price. When you are prompted to by Paypal, you will need to enter the total price for the number of copies you want to buy. The drop down menu gives options for up to four copies. If you'd like to order more that four, just add up the amount for the number of copies you want and input it.


If you prefer to send a check to us directly, make it out to Danielle Winterton and David Pollock and mail to 526 South Albany Street, Apt 1N, Ithaca NY 14850. Please be sure to include your return address and email information so we can correspond with you. We can be reached for further inquiry at

Last, we appeal for financial help to cover production costs for our journal. We are rich in ideas and spirit, but lacking in monetary resources. We have no patrons or outside of sources funding; our journal is independently written, produced, and distributed. All monetary gifts are used entirely to cover production costs for the website and print editions. Anything you can give would be helpful and most appreciated.

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